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10" Linking Rings (3 Rings)Locking Key
10" Linking Rings (8 Rings) Locking Key
Aluminum Production Pan Single
Amazing Easy To Learn Magic Tricks- Spongeballs ComboLearn how to amaze your audience with sponge balls. Easy to learn routines and vanishes, including the Retention Vanish, Benson Bowl Routine, and much more! A set of 4 spongeballs comes with the DVD! Collect the series!
Back Stage
Chick Pan double loadOne of the classics of kid show magic is the Chick Pan - show it empty, cover it, and reveal a live chick.  Or a foam birthday cake. Or candy. Or anything else that will fit in the concealed compartment.

The advantage of this double-load chick pan is that, there are two hidden compartments (hence the double load) so that the magician can make a second item appear - an excellent set-up for the "magician in trouble" syndrome.
Coin Can Magic
Coloring Book of Magic - Original Large SizeThe classic magic prop - flip the pages of the magic coloring book once, and the pages of the 8.5" x 11" coloring book are blank. Flip them again, and the expected line art magically appears! Flip it again, and the pages are magically colored! Can be used in any order, with no need to reset the magic prop between.

Cup and Balls plus DVD VideoA beginner's set of the classic of magic, the Cups and Balls, including an instructional DVD.  It includes 3 (plastic) chrome cups, and 4 balls.  It's suitable for learning the skills to do the cups & balls, as well as performing for small groups (such as at a Sunday School class or a birthday party).
Dove Pan Double Load
Flying Butterfly
Hippity Hop Rabbits Stage Size
Joker Tube - professional modelAn essential item for kid magicians and clowns! The tube and balls can be used as a stand-alone magic show! Use the tubes to change ball order and vanish balls using the ball vanish box. The ball vanish box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find that the Pro Model Joker Tube has endless possibilities! The durability, quality, feel and function are the best ever made.
Magic Cartoon Deck
Magic rabbit - spring animalA spring animal, including instructional DVD, that is remarkably lifelike (for a spring animal)
Money Mouth Coils
Mouth Coils
Neon mouth coils
Passe Passe Bottle Set (3)
Professional Rabbit Mirror BoxThis stage size box is shown empty. The front door is closed and the top lid is opened, and pulled out of the box is a rabbit or stuffed animal!
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