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Black Spider Deck - BicycleDesigned by Magic Makers, Inc. & printed by US Playing Co. The Spider Deck is a full bleed black deck, featuring white and red pips. Completing this deck are the standard 52 playing cards and 4 unique gaff cards. This deck is designed for the card enthusiast as well as the serious card collector.
Coloring Book of Magic - Original Large SizeThe classic magic prop - flip the pages of the magic coloring book once, and the pages of the 8.5" x 11" coloring book are blank. Flip them again, and the expected line art magically appears! Flip it again, and the pages are magically colored! Can be used in any order, with no need to reset the magic prop between.

Cup and Balls plus DVD VideoA beginner's set of the classic of magic, the Cups and Balls, including an instructional DVD.  It includes 3 (plastic) chrome cups, and 4 balls.  It's suitable for learning the skills to do the cups & balls, as well as performing for small groups (such as at a Sunday School class or a birthday party).
Flying Butterfly
Magic Cartoon Deck
Secrets Of The Snowstorm
Thumbtip comboOne of the classic props - the thumb tip, a small yet versatile tool for hiding small loads. Includes an instructional DVD

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